Here's a batch of "politically correct" (isn't that an oxymoron?) terms for handy use in potentially awkward or touchy situations:

Dishonest -- Ethically disoriented
Fat -- Horizontally challenged
Tall -- Vertically inconvenienced
Bald -- Follicularly challenged
Alive -- Temporarily metabolically able
Dead -- Living impaired
Ignorant -- Knowledge-base non-possessor
Unattractive -- Cosmetically different
Body Odor -- Nondiscretionary fragrance
Obese -- Alternative body image
Stupid -- Cerebrally challenged
Failure -- Deficiency achievement
Poor -- Economically marginalized
Custodian -- Environmental hygienist
Old -- Experiencially enhanced
Spendthrift -- Negative saver

--Internet for Christians Newsletter

13 Jun 1999
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