A certain student who was a member of the Calvary Zion Hill Pentecostal Baptist Church of Sloan's Hollow applied for ordination to the council of Leaders, pastors, pastors emeritus, deacons, deacons emeritus, lifelong deacons, deaconesses, ladies of the pastors assistants and other officials of the official church and governmental body.

Does ye know the Bible?

Yes, Sir, I knows de bible from lid to lid.

And what part of de Bible does ye know de best?

Well I guess I'd be most familiarized wif de New Testament.

And what part of de New Testament?

Of de New Testament, I's educated and familiarized wif de Gospel of de Good Samaritan about de best.

Well - how do it go?

Best as I can re-scribe it to you, der is dis Good Samaritan travellin' along the road from Jerusalem to Jericho and as he's travellin' along, he fell among the thorns and they grew up like the tares and choked de man and left him half dead, lying along the sideway.

But a man come by feeding his swine and he say to the man "I will arise and go to my father," so he take up his bed and walk. But while the soldiers is chasing him through the forest he get de hair of his head caught up in de trees and he hung there for forty days and forty nights - and the robins fed him.

You see all the power was in the hair.

Just then, Delilah come by with the Philipines with a big pare of sheel shears and she clip off his head and it fall on the stony ground.

But the good master of the house resurectifies the man and he journey on his way.

All of a sudden he come to the wall of Jericho and ders Jezzabbel', sittin' on the wall, and Elijah say "Chuck her down to the dogs" and they chuck her down, and he say "Chuck her down again" and they chuck her down, but the Lord say, "Cast her down seventy times seven," and they chuck her down and - of the fragments that remained they gathered up twelve baskets and said "Who's wife shall she be in the resurrection?"

And that end the Gospel of the Good Samaritan.


2 Nov 1999
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