Top 10 Excuses For Small Group Members Being Late

10. "I wanted to make sure I got my prayer and Bible study in before coming."

9. "I'm still so angry about our last meeting, I debated back and forth about whether to come. But since I STILL have so many things on my mind . . ."

8. "I know nothing really important happens until a half hour in anyway."

7. "I went to the house where we met last week and thought I'd missed the rapture."

6. "I just got off the phone with my son's band teacher--and guess what?! For a service project, our small group is going to help sell magazines door-to-door all next month to raise money for a new tuba!"

5. "I had to go back for my Greek New Testament."

4. "You always wait for me before starting anyway."

3. "I had to stop and pick up my friend Irving here, who's an expert on the topic we discussed last week, and who can refute everything you guys said."

2. "On the way here, some idiot cut me off, so I sped up, followed him for about a mile and a half, finally caught up to him at a traffic light, and yelled at him for making me late for my Christian small group."

1. "Sorry, I'm late. We've got the stomach bug at our house, and it took me a while to clean up the mess and get the kids settled."

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2 Nov 1999
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